TMNT inspired work for Straight from the Sewer

My duties for Straight from the Sewer didn't stop at mural painting, DJ booth building and costume making. I also created artwork for the event and even got to collaborate with another artist, which rarely happens outside of mural work.

I created two new piece for this event. One was inspired by the memorable, yet somewhat cringe worthy rap from the first Ninja Turtle movie. Titled, Go, Ninja, Go!, the piece is a Ninja Turtle modeled after Vanilla Ice on a backdrop of retro inspired patterning. It was initially designed for a sticker and button for the collaborative bundle, but ended up becoming a small watercolor piece on recycled paper.

My second piece, Sleazy Riders, was a sort of storybook version of the dynamic duo of Bebop and Rocksteady and partially influenced by the Psycho Cycle toy. Done in pinks, greens and a splash of purple, I aimed to create something that felt of a cartoon version of a 90's mall family photo. 

The collaborative bindle created specially for Straight from the Sewer included a variety of TMNT inspired merchandise designed my myself and local Tampa artist, Maffbug. Although the full bundle, delivered in a custom pizza box, was only available for a short time, my stickers and buttons are available here along with some tiny embroidered pieces. Maffbug also has prints, stickers and shirts available.